Successful Online Dating for Engineers

Engineer smiling as he interacts with someone on an online dating site.

I have a soft spot in my heart for engineers. Why? Well, I went to college for engineering and have a mechanical engineering degree. So it’s probably not surprising that several of my clients are in technical fields because I get engineers. And one thing I get about them is successful online dating for engineers.…

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7 Pitfalls to Avoid When You Want to Find Love Online

Woman holding a laptop wondering how to find love online.

If you’re desiring to meet your true love, you’re more likely to be looking to find love online. Many of my clients have met their true love partners online, however, I’d like to share the pitfalls to avoid when you want to find love online.  The first is believing everything you read!  Dating profiles are…

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How to Build Chemistry in a Relationship for Lasting Love?

Couple toasting as they continue to build chemistry in their relationship.

Clients often ask me about how to build chemistry in a relationship. They’re asking because they want passionate, lasting love.  Unfortunately, the answer isn’t all that simple. Chemistry is often described as an elusive feeling – something you can’t really put your finger on. It’s that “spark” or “zing” you feel when you meet someone…

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Is It the Right Relationship at the Wrong Time?

Couple questioning if this is the right relationship for them

It’s said, “Timing’s everything.” The same is true with finding the right relationship. I truly believe this. When seeking the right relationship for a lasting partnership, first you have to be ready for a person to come into your life. When I met my husband for the first time, I was separated and still involved…

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8 Online Dating Rules About Texting You Need To Know

Woman texting with an online dating match.

In my opinion, online dating is one of the best ways to find true love. Although to be successful at it you need to understand the online dating rules. And looking back at 2 decades of helping clients with their online profiles, and supporting their dating journey, over 80% of my successfully coupled clients met…

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7 Reasons You’ve Not Yet Found A Love To Last

Woman looking out a window wondering when she'll find a love to last.

As I was dating for a committed relationship after my divorce in my mid-30s, I’d find that my relationships didn’t last more than 8 months. I was in a quandary about how to find a love to last. It wasn’t that I didn’t want lasting love. It’s just that after dating exclusively for 3 to…

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6 Signs of True Love

Man with his arm around is date after giving her flowers as a gesture of his true love.

Putting yourself out there to meet marriage-minded singles can seem like a lot of work. Dating people you know only from online dating or a phone conversation can be overwhelming. But just remember, you are able to exert all this effort because you believe it’s going to work: that before long you are going to…

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